Location Listing

North Campus

Ackland Art Museum
Ante-room across from Loading Dock (No. 83)
Caldwell Hall
Basement Floor-Outside Room 14 (No. 35)
Cobb Res Hall
Basement Floor-Break Room 009 (No. 32)
Davie Hall
Unknown (No. 96)
Davis Library
Basement Floor-Outside Room 07 (No. 20)
Graham Student Union
Dept 2423 (No. 85)
Hortense McClinton Hall
Paint Shop 003 (No. 31)
House Undergraduate Library
Basement Floor-Outside Room 010 (No. 21)
Peabody Hall
Ground Floor-Outside Toilet Room 04D (No. 2)
Phillips Hall
First Floor North-Outside Room 132 (No. 3)
Smith Bldg
Basement Floor-Outside Room 12 (No. 1)
Swain Hall
In the hallway near Room 006A (basement), across from the stairs (No. 52)
Wilson Hall
Outside Room G10 (No. 101)
Wilson Library
Second Floor-Outside Room 201 (No. 22)
Winston Res Hall
Third Floor-Kitchen PB300 (No. 34)

Mid Campus

Carmichael Res Hall
Outside Room 116 Housing Support shop (No. 51)
Fetzer Hall
First floor, outside room 108 (No. 6)
Genome Sciences Building
1520 Facilities Shop 564 (No. 93)
Hill Alumni Center
Inside Room 404, Copy Room (No. 45)
Kenan Football Center, Frank H.
Unknown (No. 82)
Kerr Hall
Unknown (No. 95)
Knapp-Sanders Bldg
Unknown (No. 99)
Mitchell Hall
Basement floor, outside Room 012 (No. 44)
Student Recreation Center
Sports Medicine (No. 81)
Teague Res Hall
Corridor just outside West entrance by Electrical Room (No. 33)
Van Hecke-Wettach Hall
Third Floor-Outside Room 3017 (No. 40)
Woollen Gym
Unknown (No. 74)

South Campus

Aycock Family Medicine
Basement Floor-Outside Room 003 (No. 9)
Bioinformatics Bldg
Ground Floor-In Corridor, outside Room 0161, leading to east entry (No. 41)
First Floor-On column in the breakroom near Pat Stanley's Office 1102 (No. 69)
Carolina Veterans Resource Center
Room 205 (No. 26)
Craige North Res Hall
Basement Floor-Outside Room 597 (Shop) (No. 49)
Craige Parking Deck
Inside Maintenance Shop (No. 67)
Craige Res Hall
In Corridor-Outside Room 114 (No. 25)
Dogwood Parking Deck
On Parking Level 2-Employee break room (No. 66)
Ehringhaus Res Hall
Ground floor near key box (No. 30)
First Dental
Ground Floor-Outside Room 0090 (No. 36)
Genetic Medicine Research Bldg
Genetic Animal Science Upper Basement (No. 86)
Genetic Animal Science Lower Basement (No. 87)
Hinton James Res Hall
1st Floor - Corridor outside Room 145 (No. 29)
MacNider Hall
Basement; outside room B10 (No. 23)
Marsico Hall
Unknown (No. 94)
Mary Ellen Jones
Hallway, beside room number 1102 on 1st Floor (No. 100)
McColl Bldg
Basement Floor-Outside Room 0004 (No. 43)
McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Second Floor-Outside Room 2230 (No. 24)
First Floor-Outside Room 1203 (No. 54)
Medical Biomolecular Research Bldg
Basement floor, outside room G301 (No. 38)
First floor in corridor 1005, across from room 1303 (No. 59)
Medical School Wing B
Ground floor, outside room B2 (No. 39)
Neurosciences Research Bldg
Outside Room 2123 (No. 57)
Room 1103 (No. 58)
Public Safety Bldg
First Floor-Outside Room 1023. 911 Telecom Communications (No. 63)
Surveillance - First Floor-Outside Room 1080 (No. 64)
Ground Floor - Outside Room 0010 (No. 65)
Ram Village At 560 Paul Hardin Drive
Basement Floor - Ram Village one, RM 10-1 break room (No. 27)
Rams Head Recreation
Sports Medicine (No. 80)
Smith Student Activities Center
First Floor-Outside Room 142 (No. 8)
Taylor Campus Health
First Floor-In Main Lobby-Outside Room 124 (No. 37)
Taylor Hall
Unknown (No. 97)
Taylor Residence Hall
Ground Floor-Outside Room 40B (No. 28)
Thurston-Bowles Bldg
First Floor-In Corridor, outside Room 1115, leading to east side loading dock. (No. 19)
First Floor-Outside Room 1114 (No. 55)

Carolina North

Carolina North Garage #1
Housekeeping (No. 98)
Facilities Construction Shops
In the Construction Shops building: Outside Room 129 (No. 12)
On the Corridor wall opposite Restrooms 105 & 107 (No. 13)
On the Corridor wall opposite the Hardware Shop, Room 126 (No. 14)
On the wall to the right of the water fountains outside of Room 118 (No. 15)
General Storeroom
Room 154; on the wall near room 154 (No. 5)
Inside the main entrance to HVAC Shops and OWRR, in the hallway near Room 127A (No. 7)
Electrical Small Shop 511 (No. 73)
Grounds Maintenance Shop
In the primary Grounds building, on the server closet wall (No. 47)
In the secondary Grounds Bldg., on the north wall by the fire alarm (No. 48)
Horney Bldg
In Corridor-Outside Room 147 (No. 10)
First Floor-Main Lobby-Outside Magnolia Conference Room 100A (No. 11)
Central Receiving - Room 104D (No. 61)
Horney Bldg Annex
On the Corridor wall outside Room 129 (No. 16)
Surplus Property Warehouse
Outside Room 001 - Supervisor's office (No. 62)

Off Campus

Carolina Living and Learning Center
Unknown (No. 84)
Cheek Clark Bldg
Room 114; in the hallway near room 114 (No. 4)
Faculty Farm
Unknown (No. 72)
FPG Child Development Inst
First floor, outside Room 122 (No. 17)
Francis Owen Blood Research Lab
In Main Entrance Corridor-Outside Room 02 (No. 70)
Friday Center, William & Ida
First Floor-Outside Room 1025 (No. 42)
Hillsborough Medical Office Building
Outside Room 103 (No. 60)
ITS Franklin
Ground Floor-In Corridor GC03, outside Room G911 (No. 18)