To check the complexity of your possible passwords, please type them (one at a time) in the box below. The page will estimate the time it would take to guess the password for the two major types of attacks.

For security purposes, DO NOT type your current password into this tool. Please try multiple passwords. The goal is to find passwords that change the color of all the time estimates to green.

Because UNC-Chapel Hill processes credit cards, University passwords must have a certain complexity and must be changed once a year. The credit card-driven complexity guidelines are minimal security. Meeting the complexity requirements does not mean you have a strong password. Choosing a password for which an attack would take less than a year means that the password is unsafe and puts others at risk of attack by providing a way for hackers to gain access to the campus network.

Item Value
Character Set Size (estimated):
Parts not in common words dictionary:
Common Word Count:
Attack Profile
Attack Type Est. Attempts Required Est. Time to Crack by Internal Attack Est. Time to Crack by External Attack
Attacks/second 1,000,000,000,000 tries/sec. 1,000,000 tries/sec.
Brute Force